Friday, 31 October 2008

From Every Mistake You Learn

You learn to be stronger
You learn to hold it in
You learn to wait longer
You learn not to give in

You learn to turn a blind eye
You learn to be alone
You learn to cry from the inside
You learn to never moan

You learn that there is no helping hand
You learn that you have only you
You learn to stay sane but yet go mad
You learn to guide yourself through

You learn not to fall apart
You learn to pull yourself together
You learn that people break your heart
You learn that nothing is for ever

You learn to smile when you want to cry
You learn to react with class
You learn to hold your head up high
You learn to let things pass

You learn to love like you've never been hurt
You learn to never give up
You learn to be treated like dirt
You learn to fall and yet get up

You learn to forget and forgive
You learn to carry on
You learn to live and let live
You learn to let go of 'by gones'

You learn to fight back tears
You learn that the past can't die
You learn how to shed silent tears
You learn not to be shy

You learn to expect the unexpected
You learn to control your temper
You learn it's hard to be respected
You learn that you always wont get pampered

You learn to smile at strangers
You learn to keep holding on
You learn to accept changes
You learn that night comes before every dawn

You learn that you keep learning
You learn that not everyone is a friend
You learn to shiver when your burning
You learn that happy endings never end

You learn to accept what is true
You learn to stop questioning why
You learn to do what you have to do
Mostly you learn to say good bye

In Between Sobs!

A certain incident took place yesterday which made me feel very alone, hurt and upset. This left me crying my heart out till very late last night or rather till early this morning.

So in between sobs I started to wonder which of my friends could make me feel better at this moment. To my surprise the more I thought the more I realised that none of my friends could have made me feel better. After having so many friends and quite a few really good friends and two bestest of friends it was really surprising to realise that none of them could have made me feel better when I really needed them to.

Then in between sobs I thought whether there was anyone at all who could have made me feel better. Then I realised that the only two people who could have really made me feel better was my mother and loverboy! So in between sobs I strarted to wonder as to what could be the reason for this. And it is then that I realised that it is because my mother and loverboy are the only two people who really understand me hundred percent..

Loverboy would be the only one who would know exactly what to say to make me feel better and make me fall asleep. My mother might not have excatly said what I wanted to hear but instead she would have said what I needed to hear and hugged me while I cried and slept beside me that night. I did call loverboy last night but his phone was on silent and he was asleep so he didn't answer. And more than twice I got out of bed to go to my mother's room to talk to her but something stopped me. So I had to fight it out all alone last night till I finally fell asleep. (at about 3 a.m.)

You might be wondering why I explained this incident. It is because it was just before falling alseep last night that I realised even though my mother and loverboy really understand me, how much I take that for granted. I realised that I don't appreciate their understanding the way I should. And many a times I have taken them for granted because they are so understanding.

Well ammi and loverboy this is my way of telling I love you too, I do care for you and I do appreciate all that you do for me.

Ammi - thank you so much for being such a wonderful mother and being so understanding even after I have thrown fits and got into tantraums. I do realise that a mothers love can never be replaced and especially not yours. I am sorry for all the wrong I have done. But I promise to grow up to be a person you want me to be. Love you truck loads! Thank you again for everything.

Loverboy - thank you so much for tollarating me for so long in your life. (2 years with me is like 10 years with someone else) Thank you for being there for me when ever I needed you! Sorry for all the times I have hurt you. And especially thank you for being so understanding. Miss you loads but love you more!

P.S. - People never take anything for granted.
And for those who are concerned I am ok now! :)


It is magic when we watch the sunset together
It is magic when we whisper to each other

When we walk in the rain and we are holding hands
And even roses take me to a magical land

Going for a long walk down the beach at midnight
And your hugs are simply magical all right!

It is magic when we write poetry for each other
And buy random gifts of chocolate, candy and flowers

When you put love notes in my pockets when Im not looking
The magic clock inside me simply starts ticking

When we are dancing together and when I look into your eyes
When we sing for each other the magic I cant deny

When you hold me around my hips and when we kiss
The feeling I get is just a magical bliss

Magic is when you let me fall asleep with my head in your lap
And listen intently even when I talk crap

To say sweet things in foreign languages when you learn
And when you kiss my forehead the magic does burn

Magic is when we fall asleep on the phone with each other
Magic is when we walk around and hang out together

When I go to sleep with one of your t-shirts on
The magic lasts the whole night long

When you kiss me in the pouring rain and when you touch my hair
I swear I can feel the magic in the air

When you hold my hand when you're around your friends
And you tell I look beautiful I know the magic never ends

When you let me mess with your hair I know the magic it true
Especially when you let me take all the photos I want of you

When I start swearing at you and then you tell you love me
I feel all the magic surround me

When you get me mad and then you kiss me
All the magic in the world I start to see

No One Can

Everyone can share the smile on my lips
But no one can wipe the tears from my eyes
Everyone can see the happiness on my face
But no one can see the sorrows inside

Everyone can see me having fun all the time
But no one can see me cry
Everyone can see me acting weird sometimes
But no one can find the reason why

Everyone can hear the songs I sing
But no one can hear my painful cries
Everyone can see the shine in my eyes
But no one can see the dismay of my sighs

Everyone can hear all the words I say
But no one can sense what I dont
Everyone can see the softness on my face
But no one can see the bruises in my soul

Everyone can hear the laughter in my words
But no one can sense the pain in my voice
Everyone can only see what I let them see
But why cant anyone guess what I hide

Where did we go wrong?!?!

All those times
We were together
Like we will live for ever
You loved me
And I loved you
You were always there
When I needed you the most
Like a real true friend!
You told me your problems
And I told you
We laughed together
And cried too
You always took my side
You were always there for me
And you gave me advice,
If you looked into my eyes
You would have seen
How much you mean to me
Our friendship was strong
That it never broke
But now.....
Everything has changed
All the things
We said and did
Is only a sweet memory
That lingers with me
I still wonder whose fault it was
Was it your or was it mine?
But it doesn't matter now
We are in our own worlds
Like strangers to each other
Im not mad at you
I can't...
Because its not you fault
Or mine!
You have changed a lot
Or have I?
But your still the one
Who I always think about
Now you have new friends
And so do I
But there is something
I want you to know
You will always be my BEST FRIEND
No matter what!!!