Friday, 28 November 2008

He Is Just Another Guy

She sits alone in a corner... She thinks of all sorts of things... She just lets her mind wonder.. And then she thinks of HIM.. No matter how much she tries to avoid thinking about him she finds that so hard to do... She does not know why she keeps thinking of him.

She has seen his type before. He is just another guy who finds her attractive. But of course there is that squeaky annoying voice in her head which likes to remind her that he is NOT just another guy who likes her... He is a cute guy. She does not even try denying that because it is useless. She knows that it is his cuteness that she noticed first even before she noticed the fact that he likes her. That squeaky annoying voice in her head also reminds her that not only is he cute but he is also a nice guy. And everybody knows how hard it is to find a nice guy these days. But this she keeps denying. She keeps telling her self that she does not know him that well to say he is a nice guy. She also keeps telling herself that there are lots of nice guys out there anyway!

Then she stops. Why does she do this? Why does she even bother denying things? So what if she has a crush on him? What is the harm? She has had plenty of crushes before. And on the most weirdest people at that! But she never denied it. Then she realizes why she is denying. She is afraid she will fall for him. You know something 'more' than just a crush. She knows that he likes her. His feelings show and he does not mind it. And she is afraid her feelings would show too. It is not the fact that he will get to know her feelings she is worried about. She does not mind flirting with him at all. In fact she likes it. But she just does not want to get into a relationship. Not right now at least and not with him. Being just friends and staying as they are now seem good enough. And that is what she is afraid of. Ruining what they already have. And if he does ask her out she would say no and it would ruin everything. And if her feelings wont show he would not ask her out.

So as she stands up and walks away... She has somehow managed to convince herself that she does not like him. HE IS JUST ANOTHER GUY! Or at least that is what she will tell herself.... until she sits alone in a corner again.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Is love then so simple dear
As the opening of a door
And seeing all things clear
I did not know before

I had thought it just desire
Soaring only to fall
Annihilation and fire
It is not so at all

I feel no desperate will
But I think I understand
Many things as I sit quite still
With eternity in my hand

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Now He Doesn't Know What He is Missing

When I am with him, I keep looking at him
Each and every day
And sometimes, just sometimes
I catch him look my way

When I am with him the whole day
I am unnoticed for awhile
And once or twice, just once or twice
He and I would smile

His friends are my friends too
So often we would meet
But on and off, just on and off
He and I would speak

It is just the same everyday
There is never a spark in his eye
But once in awhile, just once in a while
He'll say 'hello' or 'good bye'

Sometimes I think I heard him whisper
But yet he has made no sound
Oh how I long, how so I long
To turn every thing around

To tell him I like to speak with him
Or to meet him more and more
How I wish, just how I wish
To let my feelings show

But just as I made up my mind
A girl with him he brings
She is fine, She is just so fine
So I keep my feelings within

And he wouldn't know what he is missing
Cause his never had me before
Only a sign, just a sign
That said I want him more

Friday, 7 November 2008

At that time of the day

It's at that time of the day
When the sun is about to go down
She sits alone in a corner
And let her thoughts unwound

It's at that time of the day
When she feels she's all alone
That she starts to wonder
Where could she have gone wrong?

She knows that all hope is gone
And she's got to simply move along
But at that time of the day
It's only for him she longs

It's at that time of the day
She wonders how he is
Does he know what she is feeling
This emptiness that's within

Does she even cross his mind
When he is all she is thinking of
She goes back in time to the past
And the memories come flooding out

And at that time of the day
Another tear she sheds
Like the billions she shed before
Wondering when will the misery end

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I feel it all closing in around me
But everything is just a blur
I am standing here and waiting
But what I am waiting for I am not sure

Both my eyes are so wide open
But I find it hard to see
But in my mind I see it very clearly
Even though it's not what might be

Everyone seems to be moving
But I am standing here quite still
They seem to think I should move with them
But I just don't have the will

They are all searching for the same thing
Even they don't know what for
Where I've been I don't remember
But I know I haven't gone far

Everything seems to be spinning
And I am blinded by a light
Slowly I seem to be falling
And then again everything is alright

My eyes are hurting by keeping it opened
Yet there is nothing I can see
I am tired, confused and broken
Is this what life's suppose to be?

Monday, 3 November 2008

You Just Don't See Me

To share your joy
To share your victories
I've always been there
Through all your glories

When you were sad and upset
And you were feeling low
I've always been there
And the hope I'd show

When you were hurt and empty
And you were feeling alone
I've always been there
To help you move on

When you were angry
And you threw a fit
I've always been there
To not let you quit

When ever you did wrong
And messed things up
I've always been there
To clean your mess up

But when you want someone
To love and care
You just don't see me
Even though I'm right there!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Pretence

In my head my thoughts are screaming out loud
But I'm just whispering cute things in your ear
Inside me I feel empty, alone and left out
But with you I am smiling and full of cheer

In my soul I feel the anger building up
But I'm just saying I'll love you for ever
In my heart hatred has filled to the top
But I'm saying I'll let go of you never

I want to stab you and watch you bleed
As I intoxicate you with my love
I want to see you in pain and hear you scream
As I'm kissing you like I'm sent from above

Inside me I hate you, hurt you and hit you
But I'm taking you to a heavenly bliss
Inside me I want to never get to see you
But I wont, because the pretence I'll miss