Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Touch Of Your Hands

As she walked into the room and scanned the crowd she made a mental note 'woah he is cute' while noticing a guy. At that same time he noticed her walking in and silently told himself 'damn she is pretty'. But they both hid their feelings so well. Didn't give each other too much attention nor did they completely ignore one another. They spoke to each other just as much as they spoke to the rest. They did not try to impress the other and was a not afraid to make a complete fool of themselves and do the craziest of things. Didn't even give each other an extra glance. None of their other mutual friends seem to notice how they felt. Infact they themselves didn't know how the other felt. This was partly the reason why they hid their feelings and partly because they didn't want their friends to start bugging each other. Both were being so mature about it. Neither of them knew how the other felt. Not until it was time to leave. As they said good bye to each other, their hands touched and they both let it be so for two or three seconds longer than they should have, letting each other know exactly how they felt. So as they said good bye and walked thier different ways, they both went knowing very well that it's just the begining and not the end.

Awaiting A Decision

I walk not knowing
What lies ahead
He'll decide and tell
Whether to turn right or left

The decision is not
Mine to make
But what ever the out come
I will not break

I shall keep walking
Come what may
With my head held up
I'll walk all day

I have fallen into many
A dumps before
It stopped me for awhile
But then I let go

I know it's not easy
I know it'll pain
Even with sun shine
God gives us rain

I'll try not to break
And fall apart
I'll rewrite my story
Again from the start

Down on my knees
To the gods I pray
Just keep me happy
Come what may

Monday, 16 February 2009

On My Way Home

Everyday I walk home
Along the same route
Always lost in my thoughts
Never bother to look

But one day quite by accident
I saw this guy pass
A guy with damn good looks
And a guy with class

The rest of the walk
I was lost in thought alright
Thoughts of this random guy
Who had caught my sight

Now everytime I walk
The usual sites I'd see
Then sometimes I would wonder
"Did he look at me?"

I never got a really close look
And never did I see his smile
Which said more than just
A simple "hello" or "good bye"

Not untill one day under the same tree
When the rain came pouring down
As we looked at each other he whispered
But yet he made no sound

But now I can't help but wonder
Why my heart does long
To pass him on the roadway
And sing him this song

Friday, 13 February 2009

A Valentines With A Difference!

Well.. so tomorrow is valentines day. But I have not got anything much planned. It's not like I am single or anything. I mean I can't even remember the last time I was single on valentines day! But always me and my respective other at the relevant time have not made a 'big deal' about it. But we always did 'something'.

This time it's going to be different. My boy friends abroad at the moment and I highly doubt whether we will meet on line even. It kind of sucks. But I am ok. Not complaining. Just stating facts.

All these years I have been getting something on valentines day from someone or other. Need not necessarily be my guy. But this time I am sure I wont get anything. Not complaining again just stating facts.

Well due to the above reasons I think I will celebrate valentines day with my best firend. Probably go out for dinner or something. That is if my friend has no other plan! Will see how things go..!

Time To Hit The Books

So as I keep walking on this road called life I am just about to take another turn. And I know this turn will slightly alter my life style a little bit as all turns always do.

Let me first do some self revelation here. Yes, I do go to work and spend atleast 8 hours of a given week day at office like most of you people out there. Plus I am also in my 2nd year of the LLB. Which means whole of saturdays and some late evenings during the week days I have to dedicate myself to lectures and tutorials! This in turn means that sunday is the only day that I have time to spend with myself or anyone else for that matter. On a typical Sunday though, I have rowing early in the moring and I go to my grand parents house for lunch where I spend time with my beloved cousins. In additon to all of this I row, go for ballet and martial arts classes and currently even learning to drive. Well such is my boring life.

But now as I take another turn, life is going to be a bit more hectic. Well it's not that my work load at office has increased or anything, but I have promised to help my boss on a private business by being a researcher for him for a UNDP project. I am not sure exactly my work on that should start. I am also having my exams coming up in May. Just 2 and a half months away from my exams I have finally decided to actually hit the books from today! This is exactly the turn in life I was talking about. It's not like I have ever flunked an exam or anything but neither have I ever studied. I am a crammer. I just study probably a week before and that also not much. Therefore if I actually get around studying from now on (which I hope to) it is going to be a big step in life for me.

However alocating time to my studies should not be a problem at all. But alocating time to my friends and studies is going to be a bit chaotic. Especially when best friends who study abroad surprise me by standing at my door step as I walk home. Well as I said ealier, I do realize that life is going to be a bit hectic. But I have made up my mind. I will hit the books head on from today onwards. Only thing which is giving me doubts as to whether I should actually start today is the fact that today is Friday the 13th. It is suppose to be an unlucky day and I sure do hope that it doesn't bring bad luck to my studies! Studying law means you need the best of luck in the world!

So heres to me and my hope to study sessions. FYI I have already done a study plan.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I'll stay up all night just to hear you breathing
I'll walk a thousand miles just to see you smiling

Just a look in your eyes is enough for me to cheer
A touch of your hands is a lot to ask I fear

To hold your hand I'll even give up for ever
When I sit by your side I thank god we are together

I watch you from far and wonder what your thinking
Just to hear your voice gives me a tingling feeling

When ever you hug me I can't stop smiling
The day you carried me I felt like I was flying

When ever you smlie or simply just watch me
There is no where else on earth I wish I could be

The way you hold my hand when we are walking
My heart skips a beat even when we are talking

The undescribeable feeling of a almost kiss
Not a single moment with you I want to miss

I could stay lost in these moments for ever
If only you know what it means for me to be together

Friday, 6 February 2009

You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All

Yes, I want to meet you. I really do. No, not to have a conversation or not to start a fight. Not to even laugh like we used to and have fun. That would be all just a pretense. Just for me to sit next to you and just enjoy the feeling of you being by my side. Yes, to enjoy the silence and still hear every word you would probably be saying. Just so that you could look into my eyes and see for yourself that what you say is not who I am or how I feel. No, not a word need to be spoken. Only to look into each others eyes and maybe an occasional smile. Probably not a happy one but a smile which would say 'I know what your thinking but this is how it will be'. I know that we will both hear very clearly all the words which will go unspoken. No, we need not confide in each other or admit exactly how we feel. We could let our ears explode with the deafening silence. No, there would be no need for you to hold my hand or even say good bye. No, I promise there would be no tears rolling down my cheeks. When we feel like it's time to leave all we have to do is just stand and walk our different ways. No need to look back. You know exactly where I would be going and what I would be doing and I will not question your doings. It will all soon be over and we can get lost in our own worlds as soon as we walk away. But you and I both know that the silence we shared between us made absolute sense and probably will never be forgotten.

Monday, 2 February 2009

25 Things About Me

Well I got this from facebook post which I was tagged in.. But I thought it would me more practical to write 25 honest things about me here.. ;) If I could find 25 that is.. so here goes!

1. I am in love :)
2. I miss my school days
3. I am a drama queen :P
4. I miss my best friends
5. I am selfish
6. I am stubborn
7. I love music
8. I wish upon stars :):)
9. I care for people who I should not care about
10. I don't believe in god
11. I believe in miracles
12. I am a peoples person
13. I get what I want... and if I can't get then I don't want
14. I am cheerful by nature
15. I love the beach
16. I love to party
17. I can be very mean when I want to
18. I believe in giving people second chances
19. I don't believe in love at first sight
20. I make better friends with boys than with girls (most of the time)
21. I believe that first cut is the deepest
22. I have never got drunk and don't intend to
23. I am not as innocent as I look
24. I am 'all fart no shit' at times
25. I want to stop studying as soon as possible!!