Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Good friends vs Great friends

1. When you are in trouble good friend offers to help but a great friend will not take 'no' for an answer.

2. When you are in jail a good friend will bail you out but a great friend will be right beside you saying ' we screwed up but we still had fun.'

3. At the most crucial stages a good friend will tell you what you want to hear but a great friend will tell you things you don't want to tell yourself.

4. When you are in an embaressing situation a good friend will offer to lend support but a great friend will pretend nothing is wrong.

5. A good friend loves us for all the good things in us but great friend knows our flaws and still loves us anyway.

6. A good friend thinks the friendship over again when you have had an arguement but a great friend knows it's not a friendship until you have had a fight.

7. A good friend will sympathize with you when you are sad but a great friend will help you get pissed and plot revenge against the idiots who made you sad.

8. A good friend will keep in touch often but a great friend will get in touch when you need them to.

9. A good friends understands how you feel when you tell them but a great friend understands even without the use of words.

10.A good friend is hard to find but a great friend is harder to leave.

11.When you are with a good friend you do stuff and have loads of fun but when you are with a great friend you do nothing and still have loads of fun.

12.Even if you look funny a good friend will tell you look pretty but a great friend will tell you look hideous and get you to change your out fit.

13. Similarities creates a good friend but differences hold great friends together.

14. A good friend will call to see how you are but a great wont call instead they will come over.

15.A good friend will joke about others but a great friend will joke about each other.

16.A good friend will tell all the right things but stay away but a great friend will be there holding your hand and might be telling all the wrong things.

17.A good friend will grow apart when growing seperately but a great friend will still be together.

18.When you are with a good friend silence is awkward but with a great friend silence is one of the most meaningful conversations.

19. With a good friend you try to have fun but with a great friend you are just yourself.

20.When you are scared a good friend will comfort you but a great friend will bug the shit out of you until you are not.

21. When you fall down a good friend will help you up but a great friend will laught and then help you up.

22.When you smile for no reason a good friend will smile back but a great friend will know that you are thinking about something they would probably want to be involved in.

23.A good friend will hand you tissue till you cry your heart out but a great friend will somehow make you stop.

24.A good friend will lie to make you feel better but a great friend will tell you the truth and then make you feel better.

25.A good friend will tell things to make you laugh but with a great friend laughter is part of a day-to-day conversation.

food glorious food!

Its 11.25 and I am hungry.... wish 5 was at home and not at work!!!!

I want food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 35 mins more for lunch.... this is killing me....

he is going

People always leave
Noone is here to stay
But when the love of you life is leaving
What are you suppose to say

Miss you is the obvious
Love you he's heard before
But everytime you say it
I know it means much more

Words don't seem enough
But what else do you give
Gifts he gets from everyone
And words can make you live

Poems, letters and stories
I have written plenty and more
But I am not sure whether it's clear
That I simply can't let go

A week or so with him
That is all I've got
To do all the things I want to do
And tell him everything I have not

I have tried to get through
But I don't think he understands
That when he has nobody
I still give him an helping hand

And now as he is leaving
There is nothing I could do
Just watch him pass by
And hope he feels the way I do