Monday, 31 August 2009

I am...

I am me. That is all I can be.

I live. Sometimes I just exist. I survive. Sometimes I struggle.

I laugh. I cry. Sometimes I wish I could die.

I touch. Sometimes I feel. I hear. Sometimes I listen. I learn. Sometimes I absorb.

I see. Sometimes I look. I think. I understand. I talk. Sometimes I stay silent.

I smile. I tear. Sometimes I do both together.

Sometimes I give up and drop. Sometimes I am overdriven and I can’t stop.

Sometimes I rebel. Sometimes I revel. Sometimes I mourn.

I lust. I desire. I love. Sometimes my heart hurts, cracks and breaks as a result.

I scream. I sing. I am happy. Sometimes I am afraid.

Sometimes I smile when I feel like screaming. Sing when I feel like crying. Cry when I am happy and laugh when I am afraid.

I empathize. I sympathize. I pity.

I need. Mostly want. Sometimes I can’t tell one from the other.

I doubt. I reason. Sometimes I negotiate.

I hug. I kiss. I embrace.

Sometimes I am soft. Sometimes I am strong.

I know to tell right from wrong. Sometimes I forget how to. Sometimes I don’t want to.

I strive. I thrive. I endure. I overcome. I care. I hurt. Sometimes I heal.

I wish. I dream. I believe.

I fall. I stand up. Sometimes lie fallen for a long time before I stand up.

I hate. I hurt. I help. Sometimes I need help.

I am shy. I am proud. Sometimes I am ashamed.

I hope. Sometimes I know it’s hopeless. I still hope.

I have wisdom, knowledge, intelligence. Sometimes I choose to use those gifts. Other times I take them for granted.

I love. Sometimes I lose.

I dare. I do. I am brave. Sometimes I fear.

I have courage. I have strength. I am happy. Sometimes I am sad.

I envy. I long. I forgive. Sometimes I forget.

I have infinite potential. Sometimes I forget what this is.

I am patient. I am aware. Sometimes I am oblivious.

I can’t. I can. Sometimes I think I can’t when I can. Sometimes I believe I can when I can’t.

I can manipulate the world around me. I can simply let it slide. I choose. I understand my choices.

Sometimes I am positive. Sometimes I am negative. Most of the time I am indifferent.

I am right. I am wrong. Sometimes I really don’t know.

I am lost. I am alone. I am pushed around. Sometimes I push them around.

I care. I don’t. Mostly I care but pretend I don’t.

I am apathetic.

I give up. I give in. Sometimes I give it all I got. I give everything.

I get what I want. I get what I don't want. Mostly I get what I deserve.

I act. More often I react.

I am Gods greatest gift. And his heaviest burden.

I am human.

Monday, 10 August 2009


This is just another birthday wish
Like the millions you have heard before
Wishing you all the best in life
Everything you want and so much more

The wording maybe different
But the wish is just the same
Only thing that might make it special
Is the source from which it came :P

Your birthday comes once a year
So go do something you've never done
Twenty six is a tad too old
But not too old to have some fun :P :P