Monday, 23 November 2009

I silently yearn for you!

You are one amazing person
But has anyone ever told you so?
I doubt very much they have
Because not everyone would know

What it takes to sit and watch
The world just passing by
With many a thoughts inside you
And no one really wonders why

But I find it very attractive
How you can sit and wait
While evryone else is rushing about
As if they are all late

Do you silently sit and observe
Every bodies moves?
Or do you observe just a person or two
If so how do you choose?

Or is it that your simply lost in thought
And not really aware
Of the happenings all around you
And in reality you aren't there

Do you notice things we don't
Or simply analise what we see
It makes you so silent and still
And it really amazes me

I want to sit beside you
And look at what you see
I wont disturb you or anything
I will just let you be

As I sit beside you silently
And watch the world go by
My thoughts would be full of you
And I will still wonder why

I want to get lost in your thoughts
I want to read every word on your mind
I want to know what you think of me
I want to make you mine!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Walk To Remember!

Have you ever decided to take a walk never knowing where you are headed? Or not knowing how long or short your walk would be? But the only thing you really knew is that both wont be walking to the same place. You knew that there would come a time where you will have to turn right and watch the other turn left and still keep walking even though you will terribly miss the compay of the other!

But you never realised that this walk could get tiring and that you might have to take a break for awhile before you continue walking. You also never realised that the road you are walking on wont always be a wide road where you would happily walk with your arms wide open or sing and dance and play the fool while walking, it could be so narrow that the things on either side of the road can scrape you or cut you. Sometimes it can keep scars that will last for ever. And when the road gets too narrow there will come a time when you have to walk one behind the other and hope that the one ahead wont wonder off too far or that the one at the back wont lag behind. Plus it never occured to you that the road could be real steep which might be a reason for you to stumble and fall and hurt yourself. Sometimes it will be justa small wound. But sometimes you fall real hard that leaves you bleeding for ever.

So what do you do when you do fall? Do you lie there on the floor bruised, battered and broken and allow yourself to drown in self pity? Or do you lie there for awhile and take a good hard look at yourself and realise all the wrong turns you took on your walk and also smile about all the right turns you took. You make yourself remember all the things you made yourself forget about on your way there. You laugh out loud remebering something silly you said or did with your friend which makes everyone at work look up at you with weird looks. You go for a movie with a few good old freinds. You read a book which totally draws you in. You dress up, go out and hear others compliment you. You sorround you self with friends who love you - flaws, drama, self pity, crap and all, and let them make you laugh.

And then somewhere down the line you realise the road you were walking on is not so steep after all. And then you find that somewhere in that pathetic loser you thought yourself to be there is courage enough for you to stand up again. And that you are strong enough to finish the walk you once started. And after taking the first few steps again you begin tentatively to hope.

You are bruised, broken and limping.
But you are walking!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Just a phase!

I thought that there was nothing worng
And that everything was fine
I even looked at myself in the mirror
And managed to force smile

But then I saw your picture
And I looked at it agian
I took the frame into my hand
And took a walk down memory lane

It was then that I realized
How much I've really missed
How good things used to be
All the things we said and did

How much I missed hearing your voice
Or just the simple touch of your hands
All the things we used to dream about
Which carried me to fairy land

And then I remembered what went wrong
What made us so far apart
All the pain I went through
The day you broke my heart

But I couldnt help but imagine
How things could have been
All the things we could have done
And all the things we could have seen

Would you still be able to make me smile
The way you did before
Would I have still made you happy
Could we still capture the show

While wiping away my tears
I put the picture in its place
And told myself I am fine
This is just a phase

Monday, 9 November 2009

So what now?

So he thinks I am cute. So he kind of likes me. So he flirts. So I think he is cute. So I do like him. So I flirt. So he is my brothers' friend. So we don't take it any further. So he goes out with another girl. So we talk less. So he breaks up with that girl. So we talk more. So we flirt more. So he is still my brohers' friend. So we still don't take things any further. So he goes out with a totally different girl. So we talk less. So he breaks up with her. So we talk more. So the cycle goes on!

So how long more do we play this game? So do I keep playing it? So is there anything wrong if we keep playing this? So what if he feels I will always be there? So is there anything wrong with that? So why do I feel I should stop it? So what if he feels I wont always be there would he take things further? So is that why I want to stop? So what if he feels I wont always be there would he just stop talking altogether? So do I want to take that risk? So since I don't I'll keep playing the game.

So what now???

We the 13 cousins wrote!

Seeya on your birthday

There is something we’d like to say

About all the things you do everyday

That makes you special in everyway

The crisp Rs 100 notes you give

That mark each year; how long we’ve lived

And you never miss a chance to show

What a dancing star you were before

“Enid Blythe caught a fly”

And in deed the flies do fry

In that mozzie zapper that you bought

That has no mercy of any sought

Rise and shine early morn

Round the lake you take a walk

Socks worn high and shirt tucked in

A classic sight to us you bring

The mini zoo you have at home

Wont match any in France or Rome

The countless show dogs that you’ve bred

All of whom have now dropped dead

Although you say its for your ills

We know you like to “pop your pills”

Your simply unique joking skills

Which secretly give Archchie thrills

When we walk into the house & pass the dinning place

We can’t miss that mini bar that stares us in the face

Drinks of all sorts; some soft made swift

Mixed with orange and apple twist

Every Sunday the round table you lay

To keep the adults far away

While we get the chance to play

And wreck your room in every way

In every way you are refined

Specially when you are dressed to dine

In coat and tie; Oh so fine

That makes ‘em ladies pass a line

Your in for parting twenty four seven

But note; Only good boys go to heaven

R.I.P the King of Pop

But long live our King of choc

We cherish the stories you relate

Of your pass adventures great

The funny acts you demonstrate

Have us laughing at a rate

In your pocket that laugh you hide

And bring it back to make us smile

You always go that extra mile

To make our lives worth the while

Thirteen stranzas with four lines

Are not enough to speak our minds

Cause everything you do is done with love

For family, friends and God above.