Monday, 6 December 2010

Smile - It makes you feel better

Its all those memories in my mind
Which keep me up so late at night
I wish I could go back in time
And freeze in that moment of time

Not a single photo have I taken
Of the moments I cant seem to forget
But somehow or other I remember
Every little detail yet

At times when I think of it
It brings a smile to my face
To know that I was so close
And my happiness no one can erase

At times I cant help it
But shed a tear or two
The uncertainty and insecurity 
Gets me down too

But now I just keep smiling
And look for good in everything I see
'Cause even if everything falls a part
I know I was the best I could be

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Almost Lover

What made me think so?
Oh I don't know...
Maybe it was -
the cute texts,
the names he calls,
the sweet things he says,
the way he holds my hand,
the touching of my cheek,
squeezing my flab,
or the way he will hug me
every time I sit on his lap,
the hugs and the kisses,
the way he bit my ear,
dropping and picking me
everyday of the year,
laying his head on my lap,
lifting me off the ground,
for no apparent reason
carrying me around,
the way he will stand
with his hand around my waste,
and more of our moments
that my mind cannot erase,
taking me out to dinner
even though we meet anyway,
texting till we go to sleep
after being with each other all day,
the song that he posted,
and other hints he might have given.
You still think I was wrong
and totally mistaken??
He just loves and cares
as a good friend,
and now that we don't meet
it all comes to an end??
I know you mean well
but just don't tell that again.
Whenever I need him
I'll just kiss the rain!

I cant help but wonder!

If you only knew,
The things I think,
The things I know,
And the things I'm left imagining.....

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Free fall!

You've been way to busy
reading between the lines
That you totally messed up
and lost sight of the sign.

This is why I was scared
to give you my all
Didn't want get up there
just so I could fall.

My only hope is that
you're down there waiting
To catch me before
I start breaking!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

When love happens!

When Love happens - things change. And then you start to wonder how, when, where, why and so on. The thing is, you would never know. Love is a silent mover. It doesn't make a grand entrance. That's how you can tell Lust from Love. Lust always makes a glamorous entrance and you always know when it happens. Love on the other hand is an entirely different story. Unlike in the movies, you usually have no idea when it entered into your life. By the time you realize that Love happened, it's too late to do anything about it. Love has this funny way of controlling your thoughts. And Cupid has a funny sense of humor. He picks out people for you, who you wouldn't have even remotely thought about yourself.

When Love happens you can't think of anyone else but that person. All you want to do is spend every waking moment with that person, how ever impossible this maybe. And it's unimaginable the way you miss that person when he/she is not around. When you are around him/her all your problems seems to disappear and he/she always manages to put a smile on your face no matter what. It is at this point you realize that Love has happened.

So, Love does come silently. But whether or not it comes with out a warning I'm not really sure. I mean once love happens it does take you by surprise. But does that mean there was no sign at all?? Couldn't there have been signs which you misread or completely ignored or never saw at all because you were blind to it?? Either way I guess it doesn't really matter.

Point is when Loves happens, Love happens and it messes you up! =D

Cuz your amazing just the way you are :D

1. You actually listen when I talk.

2. You don't judge me.

3. You laugh at me when I am around and not behind my back.

4. If I ever ask you a question you'll always give your honest opinion, even if it's rude and not what I wanted to hear.

5. I can be myself around you.

6. When ever I am in a bad mood you can tell.

7. You earnestly care. Even though it doesn't show sometimes.

8. You are the best study partner ever!

9. When ever I am upset you make me feel better or foolish. Either way it helps.

10. I can trust you with anything.

11. You're not always nice to me but you're always there for me.

12. You think I'm smart :P

13. You always try and you never give up.

14. When you realised you made a mistake you accept it.

15. You taught me that
* Silence is golden.
* You don't always speak but you always listen.
* And that even if you fail the fact that you tried always counts.

16. You flatter me.

17. You never fail to apologize.

18. You don't ask too many questions.

19. I'm never bored when I'm with you.

20. You are yourself and don't give a shit about what others think.

21. You're not selfish.

22. If I need someone to talk but have nothing to say... You understand and you're always there.

23. No matter how close we are you still respect my personal space.

24. No matter how much we fight or argue, we always come around.

25. You let me annoy you.

26. You make me feel good about myself sometimes.

27. You listen to my problems when you have bigger ones of your own.

28. No matter how bad I treat you, you never compliant.

29. You are never afraid to make a change or try something new.

30. You like my friendship bands.

31. You like my writing.

32. You are an awesome friend.

33. You believe in magic.

34. You never speak about the good you have done.

35. You are never the main actor but you're always the man behind the scenes the main actor can't do with out.

36. You are responsible and handle way too much for you're age.

37. You know how to have plain clean fun even though you don't always stick to it.

38. You appreciate good food and good music.

39. You have an awesome sense of humor.

40. You don't hesitate to speak whats on your mind.

41. You are not exactly a ladies man but yet you come off as a sweet person.

42. You shout when you're in a good mood and keep quiet when you're pissed. Not the other way round.

43. Your vocabulary is horrid yet you dress to impress.

44. I can talk to you for hours, just say some crap or not say anything at all and somehow get the message across. Either way you'll understand.

45. You let me pinch, hit, squeez your cheeks and even shake you when I feel like it.

46. You are really strong. In every sense of the word.

47. You have clearly realised that I am a weird person, living a strange life but yet you love me for who I am.

48. You love to drive slow yet almost always you drive extremely fast.

49. You have a bad temper and yet you are warmhearted.

50. You are modest.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Dear Clyde

Apparently you died sometime ago but I didn't hear about it until last night. I mean I knew you had gone missing but I somehow hope you will find yourself back. I still do actually. A part of me refuses to believe that you are dead and gone.

But okay. Last night I thought about long and hard and tried to convince myself that you will no longer be back. It broke my heart to think so and the pain was unbearable. The fact that I couldn't mourn your death and wish you a final good bye killed me even more.

So your gone. Just like that. I can't even believe it. I don't actually. I wonder what it's like where ever you are. Do you remember all of us? Do you miss us? Or have you just evaporated into thin air and have no feeling what so ever?

I miss you Clyde. Miss you a damn lot. And now I am wondering whether I ever let you know how much I appreciated you and what you meant to me. It does bother me that me writing this will not even come close to letting you know it as well.

I loved the fact that I could be 100% open with you. I could just be myself with you and I knew you wouldn't judge me. I could say what ever I want do what ever I want and you will still just accept me for who I am. These others I hang out with I know passes a judgment or two about me to say the least. I hope it's not too late to let you know that you were one of the most awesome friends I have ever had. And I miss that friendship Clyde. I miss everything about us. The walks, the talks, the laughter and even the tears I have shed with you.

Oh how I wish you could just least come back for one day so I could at least let you know how much I love you. And take it from me you were one amazing study partner. Trust me if not for you I wouldn't have got through the exam as well as I did. I am honestly really thankful to you for that and I know I never ever even mentioned this to you when you were around. And it is killing me.

I don't know Clyde. I can't honestly find the words to let you know what I am feeling at the moment. Confusion, loss, hurt, sorrow, and a mixture of feelings of the sort. One thing I know Clyde no one can ever EVER replace you. And no matter where life takes me I am sure to miss you and I will never forget you till the day that I die.

Honestly it's breaking my heart to write this, and I have to stop now 'cause I need to just be alone and cry for awhile.

This can't be true. You are not dead. You will come back someday.

Losing you hurt me way more than words could tell. People always leave but sometimes they come back. And I know you will. I still have hope.

Lots of love

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Im waiting...

I know I must be patient
but I can't wait
to hold you in my arms
to hug you tight
and just to be able to call mine.

I want to show you
how much I care
how much I love
and just to let you know
no matter what - I'll be there.

But at the same time
I am afraid
to give you my all
just in case you build me up
and then you watch me fall.

But in time to come
you will see
come what may
I'll be happier with you
and you with me.

For now though
we'll just let things flow
we'll talk
we'll laugh
like we have always done before.

But next time
you hold my hand
I'll hold it a little bit longer
hug you a little bit tighter
just so you understand.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

It's not easy to be me!

When I know what's wrong
But can't make it right
When you don't tell what's up
But I know what you hide

When all you need is a hug
But it can't be from me
When you know you aren't blind
Yet you wish you couldn't see

When it's not my fault
But I am still to blame
If it wasn't for me
It wouldn't be the same

It isn't any easier for me
Than it is for you
I hope that somehow
You know that too

But never for a second even think
What I said was lie
I honestly love and care
And will do so till I die!

Monday, 16 August 2010

If I were...

- If I were a season, I would be summer.
- If I were a month, I would be August.
- If I were a day of the week, I would be Sunday.
- If I were a time of day, I would be evening.
- If I were a planet, I would be Mars.
- If I were a direction, I would be South.
- If I were a tree, I would be a palm tree.
- If I were a flower, I would be an orange gerbera.
- If I were a fruit, I would be a gauva.
- If I were a land animal, I would be a golden retriever.
- If I were a sea animal, I would be a a dolphin.
- If I were a bird, I would be a kingfisher.
- If I were a piece of furniture, I would be a comfy sofa.
- If I were a liquid, I would be water.
- If I were a stone, I would be moonstone.
- If I were a tool, I would be a hammer.
- If I were a kind of weather, I would be a thunderstorm.
- If I were a musical instrument, I would be a guitar.
- If I were a color, I would be sky blue.
- If I were a facial expression, I would be a happy smile.
- If I were an emotion, I would be happy.
- If I were a sound, I would be slow music.
- If I were an element, I would be water.
- If I were a car, I would be a red Ferrari.
- If I were a food, I would be a pizza.
- If I were a place, I would be Tangalle.
- If I were a flavor, I would be vanilla.
- If I were a scent, I would be cigarette on a hot guy.
- If I were an object, I would be a string of fairy lights.
- If I were a body part, I would be eyes.
- If I were a song, I would be No Surprise.
- If I were a pair of shoes, I would be a pair of trainers.
- If I were transportation, I would be a ship.
- If I were a fairy tale, I would feature as the villain.
- If I were a holiday, I would be Christmas.

Have you ever...

Have you ever felt like stopping
but you never really started anyway
Have you ever felt like letting go
but of what exactly you cannot say
Ever wanted to talk to someone
.but what you want to tell you do not know
Do certain things remind you of things
that you don't even remember anymore
Do you feel like you need to change
when there is nothing wrong with the way you are
Have you ever wanted to be alone
but long for company when no one's there
Ever thought of taking a break from thinking
but thinking is all you ever do
While reading this did you think Im crazy
don't worry I think so too

Monday, 9 August 2010

Whenever I look back at that day... This is all that I can say...

That day..
Every time I looked in to your eyes...
Every time we touched...
With Evey embrace and every hug...
There was one thing I ringing in my head...
One thing I wanted you to hear me tell...
To scream out loud through my tears...
Or to simply whisper in your ears...
I love you a lot, yes I do...
But I held it all in just for you..
Through the kissing I held it all...
I wanted be strong and not to fall...
To cover it up I spoke about things...
A particular person who means nothing..
I guess I did my part well...
But was it for the best I cannot tell...
Why oh why couldn't I see through you...
And know that you might have been hiding it too...
Now it's all over and I must move on...
After all it's just another piece of me heart torn!


I want to sing. I really badly want to sing out loud like a idiot and maybe even go completely flat. But who cares right???

But I am stuck in room which is really quiet! Only the tapping of the key board!!

Oh how I wish I can scream and sing. No. Not that I am happy or anything. I am just in a singing mood...

I wanna sing. I Wanna Sing. I WANNA SING. I WANNA SING!

Ok ok... *takes a few deep breaths* *calms self down*
I have only ten mins more in office... At home I can sing all I want. :) :)

Thursday, 5 August 2010


If I'm to describe him in one word
"short" would be my pick
But one word ain't enough
To describe this prick

Drinking is his hobby
"Live for today" being his motto
Nothing of him is catchy
Except maybe his photos

He is crazy and fun loving
And generally full of cheer
And he is the elder brother
Of someone very dear

He is generally misunderstood
But there is no smoke without a fire
He most definitely has a big mouth
But not necessarily a liar

He can be really mean if he wants to be
But can pass off as nice
I'm not saying he is bad looking
But definitely not my choice

I don't mean to say he has wasted his life
But he certainly could have done more
Might not be the most intelligent of all
But pretty creative though

His heart is the best thing about him
And his photography gives it a good run
As annoying as he normally is
He could also be pretty fun

This poem does not do justice
There is so much more to write
But I shall take my leave now
'Cause its pretty late at night

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Just because she comes off strong, doesn't mean she didn't fall alseep crying... And even though she acts like nothing is wrong maybe just maybe she is really good at lying!!!

She sees him from far away. Her eyes follow every move of his till he makes his way into the same room. She might be even staring at him now. But it's only until he looks towards her. She quickly turns away and pretends to be very involved in the conversation her friends were having. She can feel him walking towards her. She is laughing even louder than her friends at a joke she wasn't even paying attention to. She can feel him standing behind her now but she pretends not to notice until her friend says hi to him. She turns around and acts as if its the first time she is seeing him for the day. It takes all her strength to not let her knees buckle by being so close to him. She smiles and says hi and her mind is blown away by his smile. As she was just about turn and keep talking to her friend he grabbed her by the hand. She swiftly turned around. "Can we talk?" "sure".

And they walked out holding hands. Spoke for hours on end. Argued most of the time. Laughed their asses off. Mostly at each other. Had a long walk on the beach. Sat and watched the sun set together. Kissed each other good night. And went home smiling . It was just the beginning of a happy ending. 

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Will someday ever come?

Someday you might ask the question
Or someday I might confess
Someday it will be obvious
And someday people might guess

Someday it wont be held in any longer
Someday I'll lose control
Or someday you might make the move
Someday we'll reach our goal

Someday you will take the risk
Someday you will be bold
Someday you'll hold my hand
And tell things we never told

Someday I wont stop smiling
Someday we'll stop being dumb
Someday everyone will know
But will someday ever come?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Can it really be so???

Can this be true
I don't mind giving up him for you?

Not that he is mine now
But we'll be more distant some how

He who I would have even died for
Will soon be a memory or just a dream I saw

All this is just for you
When I'm not even sure if you like me too

Just for a chance for me
To show you how much you mean to me

It didn't hurt me when he asked me to fly
Because its you who I want me to stand by

Even though we might not work out right
I risked not ever seeing his sight

Could it be true that I really don't mind
Losing him even if you wont become mine?

Or is it because that I have a clue
That you want me to be with you

I am surprised at myself for telling him so
That it's okay for him to let me go

Especially since you haven't been bold
And that you like me you have never told

But some how I know it's not a mistake
Because when he scolded my heart didn't break

But I very dearly hope
That you and I will somehow cope

And that you will like me too
At least half as much as I like you

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Is it really over?!

You look forward for something. You count down days for it. You are excited. You are nervous. You can't wait till it happens. You also get a little bit scared as to how it will go. As the days get nearer you worry a little too much about it. You closest friends understand you. Others think you are paranoid. You think you might be paranoid. So you distract your self as much as possible to make sure you are not paranoid. You still can't help thinking about it.

But what do you when it's all over???

It went well. Even better than you expected. You are happy. You enjoyed every second of it. You couldn't have asked for anything more. :)

But what happens next? Yes you obviously reminisce the memories. Relive over over again. Smile looking back at it. Other than that you have nothing to do. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to worry about. Nothing to get excited about. It feels like a big weight is off your shoulders. But you also know there is something missing. You feel this nothingness within you. An empty sort of feeling. Your doing the same thing you were doing as before. Still as busy as you used to be. But somehow it feels as if you have more time in your hands.

No it's not that your mind is at ease. It's just that your mind has nothing to distract its self with. It has nothing to anticipate other than the usual day to day happenings.

But somehow you know the wait isn't over. You are just not sure what to wait for this time around!

Confused much?

I hear the silence
I am deaf to the noise
I reminisce my tears
I regret my smiles
I’m blind to the light
I see in the dark
I hangout with foes
With friends I hardly talk
I doubt honesty
I trust in lies
I face my fears
Run away from joys
I respect the absurd
I don’t value the norm
I judge the right
I consider the wrong
I doubt the facts
I expect the unexpected
I believe in uncertainty
I distrust the predicted
I despise the sweet
I like the bitterness
I enjoy the cruelty
I suffer the kindness
I cry when I’m surrounded
I smile when I’m alone
The past is my future
The present is unknown
Your smile is my retribution
Your pain is my gain
I love to be mean
To do good is a shame
I choose if there is nothing to lose
I cheat my own fate
I wont go in if the doors are open
I'll crash the closed gates
I embrace the guilt
I refuse to recall
I’ll crawl out of heaven
And I’ll enjoy the free fall

Thursday, 8 July 2010


All this time I was positive that the answer I was going to get was not going to be one I would want to hear. So I conditioned my mind not to have any hope. I had told my self that I have to be prepared to be depressed on sunday.

BUt something happened last night. SPAIN won!!! I knew this was a good sign. But I didn't want to believe it. So I told my self god is playing games with me. After the hype about spain winning was gone I realised that I had a message from a certain someone about confirmation about Sunday. Something I was never expecting. I was planning on calling tomorrow and confirming and half expecting a reply saying that he want be able to make it. So I know this is a good sign. But I yet keep telling myself that god is really good at playing this game.


I still have hope =( stupid STUPID me!!!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


This is one of the hardest things to do. -WAIT- Especially when you are not really sure what you are waiting for!

In my case I am waiting for a sign!!! One which I will most probably get on Sunday. To be honest I am pretty exited and I can't wait till Sunday to get this sign. Then again I am also pretty scared because I am 90% sure that I would not be liking the sign I will get. I am also some what worried. What if I don't get a sign on Sunday then I'll have to just keep waiting for god knows how long!! Even worse what if I read the sign wrong?!?!

Either way this waiting business is killing me!!!


Sunday please come fast... And please give me the sign I have been waiting for... After all I have been patient!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

What is better?!

Is it better to know where you stand and be disappointed or not know where you stand and be happy wondering - still having hope!

This I have always wondered...

I guess I'll know the answer soon. But still building up courage to know the answer!!! =S

Working Again!

I am back at work.
Back to finding ways to entertain myself for 8 hours.
Back to counting down hours to go home.
Back to the silly office conflicts.
Back to the office gossip.
Back to staring at the computer screen for long hours.
Back to eating lunch by 12.30
Back to holding my thoughts to myself.
Back to trying hard not to laugh out loud.
Back to being treated like a kid.
Back to smiling at everyone.
Back to blogging more often.
Back to having some money.
Back to being in the A/C the whole day.
Back to wearing office attire.
Back to hating Mondays!
Back to looking forward for the weekend.
Back to getting up early in the morning.
Back to seeing faces I didn't realise I missed.
Back to appreciating everything about home!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Super Boy

He is one damn good looking boy and he knows it. This is mainly because us girls love to compliment good looks. Even though he thrives on the fact that he looks good he is not one of those guys who walks 3 feet above the ground because of it. But he loves it when you flatter him and each time a little bit more if he feels like you really mean it, how ever he will pretend that he doesn't really care.

Well looks are only skin deep they say so obviously looks can't be the only thing that makes this boy super! He is one talented boy and a sports star. If he puts his mind to it he can do anything, and when I say anything I mean ANYTHING! If it is something which doesn't interest him (like studies) getting his mind to it is some what hard but the little time he does he makes maximum out of it. Sports is his drug which he can't live without. And what ever the sport he does he does it in style and he is sure to excel.

But above all what makes this boy really super is his heart. He has a golden heart which is bigger than an elephant. He will not hesitate to give money to a beggar even if he doesn't have change. He will be that one friend you can always count on and he will go that extra mile to just see you smile.

Yes, there are millions of reasons why I call this boy "super boy" but I am running out of time. But always remember that super boy is super crazy as much as he is super fun! And I am not exaggerating when I say that super boy is the cutest thing on earth :) Last but not least keep in mind that super boy will someday be super man! ;) :)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Malli I Never Had

Would he have been a hottie
Or simply chubby and cute
Will he be loud like the rest of us
Or would he always be on mute

Would he have played cricket or rugger
Or gone for rowing just like me
He might have excelled in his studies
Or just hoped for the best you see

Would he be happy and healthy
Or would he often fall sick
Will he be closer to me or nangi
Or will aiya be his pick

Will he be messy like I am
Or a neat freak like nangi is
Would he be a player with many a girls
Or have one single miss

All these things I can only imagine
And I know you think I'm mad
But the sibling I miss the most
Is the malli I never had!

Friday, 18 June 2010


Dear Blog,

I know I have been neglecting you or a couple of months now and I just wanted to say I am really sorry about that. I also want you to know that it was not because I was pre-occupied with unneccesary things, I was honestly studying for my exam. I went to the library the first thing in the morning and got back home in the night when the library was closed.

Well it is true that I did come on line to chat to some friends of mine and I did find time to go out and hang out with them on and off. But I honestly didn't have time to sit and blog. I don't mean to sound like am fishing for excuses but that is the truth. And I am not just telling this to make you feel better but there were plenty of times I wanted to blog about various things.

I guess you get what I am trying to say so I wouldn't go on and on about it, but I will promise to not be so neglectful in the future!

Lots of love,
Me :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Sweet nothings

When I see you I hold myself back
From coming rushing next to you
It takes all the strength I have
To stop me doing these things I want to do

I so badly want to hug you
Or maybe just to talk
Or at least just to be beside you
Everywhere you walk

But I settle down for just a smile
Or an acknowledging nod
And when we are next to each other
The silence is so loud

But if ever our eyes meet
Even with millions around
I know you hear my unspoken thoughts
Very clear and sound

I want to stay away from you
But the strength I have is washing away
So I call and we talk for hours
But what's on my mind I never say

Once you've fallen asleep
And I'm listening to you breathing
Just feeling your presence
And too lost inside my feelings

That's when I whisper in your ear
Every word I want to say
And wish you hear me in your dreams
But forget it the very next day

Pretty streight forward

When we talk
Im smiling
But deep inside
I feel like screaming

When I'm alone
I'm singing
But I really want to
Breakdown crying

When it shows he cares
I am crying
But somewhere inside
Is a happy feeling

When things get serious
I start laughing
Because I am afraid
He might be lying

What's on my mind
I keep telling
But he still thinks
I am confusing!!!

Monday, 1 March 2010

You and Me

Dear You,

You have been in my thoughts for a while now and I am writting this to clear my mind!

I really like you. Yes, I know there are many things that I don't know about you; but I want to get to know you. I want to be close to you. I want to know every thought that crosses your mind. Above all I want you to want me!

I do understand that we are very different and maybe even nothing alike. But I think it's the fact that you are so different that makes me drawn towards you. You are a very unique person and that - I like :) You have something about you which makes you stand out from the rest and that I must say is very attractive.

I really want to be close to you. I know I can show you a lot of things which you haven't yet seen. I will take you to places to which you have never been before. I will show you a side of life which you haven't yet lived. We will do things we have never done before and live like there is no tommorow.

I care about you alot and I want to care about you for the rest of my life. I am not saying I am in love with you but I would love to grow old with you. There is a very big possibility that I might be falling in love with you and I would love to love you.

Right now I wish I could be alone with you for a few hours. Maybe go for a long walk and talk with you endlessly. There are lots of things I have been dying to ask you so we will have a lot to talk. I wish you knew how I feel about you and I hope you want the same things as I do.

I really don't know how I'm suppose to tell these things to you or whether I should be letting you know at all. But in case you do read this I hope you realise it's YOU I'm talking about.

Except for the fact that I wish you feel the same way there is nothing I'm expecting from you. I love the way you are and I hope you don't change!

With lots of love
and magic hugs
Me =)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Painting Pictures

He told me to sit and think
So I thought hard and long
I know he is probably right
But that doesn't mean I'm wrong

I know he has his reasons
And I can understand why
But he will never understand
That then again so do I

I guess he probably loves me
Even more than he shows
But he aint lucky enough to see
That I love him more than he knows

I have clearly made mistakes
Doesn't mean he is a saint
While he sees the dark spots
I see the lovely picture we can paint

The Unspoken

It's past mid night and I'm pretending to sleep
Then as usual I hear her starting to weep
Something is wrong because she would cry all night
But in the morning he'll pretend everything is all right

As he lies beside me I know he is awake
I know I should tell him but I don't have what it takes
I know he will listen and be there for me
But how on earth can I make him see

Her sobs are getting loud now she is hiding it no more
I just can't keep listening to her cries anymore
So I stop the pretence and I suddenly sit up
I try to ask whats wrong but then I give up

With his questioning eyes as he looked at me
There was nothing I could do other than cry you see
So I hugged him for dear life and let the tears pour
And felt so relieved for letting myself go

Only thing I could do was hold her tight
And try to comfort her through out the night
After a long time I realised her sobbing had stopped
When I looked down I saw that her eyes were shut

His comforting words had calmed me down
Even without knowing what's wrong he brought me around
It was then that I realised what I had done
When his tears started falling one by one

I try to keep her happy I try with all my heart
But something is wrong and she is falling apart
I do everything for her as I did all along
But she can't even tell what it is that's wrong

I look into his eyes and I let him know
What's going on inside me I let my feelings show
He understands and he hugs me again
We both go to sleep as we share the pain

It was then that I realised that you don't need to speak
To tell what's going on or show how you feel
The understanding and the bond we share
Was enough to let her know I am always there