Friday, 22 January 2010

Painting Pictures

He told me to sit and think
So I thought hard and long
I know he is probably right
But that doesn't mean I'm wrong

I know he has his reasons
And I can understand why
But he will never understand
That then again so do I

I guess he probably loves me
Even more than he shows
But he aint lucky enough to see
That I love him more than he knows

I have clearly made mistakes
Doesn't mean he is a saint
While he sees the dark spots
I see the lovely picture we can paint

The Unspoken

It's past mid night and I'm pretending to sleep
Then as usual I hear her starting to weep
Something is wrong because she would cry all night
But in the morning he'll pretend everything is all right

As he lies beside me I know he is awake
I know I should tell him but I don't have what it takes
I know he will listen and be there for me
But how on earth can I make him see

Her sobs are getting loud now she is hiding it no more
I just can't keep listening to her cries anymore
So I stop the pretence and I suddenly sit up
I try to ask whats wrong but then I give up

With his questioning eyes as he looked at me
There was nothing I could do other than cry you see
So I hugged him for dear life and let the tears pour
And felt so relieved for letting myself go

Only thing I could do was hold her tight
And try to comfort her through out the night
After a long time I realised her sobbing had stopped
When I looked down I saw that her eyes were shut

His comforting words had calmed me down
Even without knowing what's wrong he brought me around
It was then that I realised what I had done
When his tears started falling one by one

I try to keep her happy I try with all my heart
But something is wrong and she is falling apart
I do everything for her as I did all along
But she can't even tell what it is that's wrong

I look into his eyes and I let him know
What's going on inside me I let my feelings show
He understands and he hugs me again
We both go to sleep as we share the pain

It was then that I realised that you don't need to speak
To tell what's going on or show how you feel
The understanding and the bond we share
Was enough to let her know I am always there