Friday, 16 April 2010

Sweet nothings

When I see you I hold myself back
From coming rushing next to you
It takes all the strength I have
To stop me doing these things I want to do

I so badly want to hug you
Or maybe just to talk
Or at least just to be beside you
Everywhere you walk

But I settle down for just a smile
Or an acknowledging nod
And when we are next to each other
The silence is so loud

But if ever our eyes meet
Even with millions around
I know you hear my unspoken thoughts
Very clear and sound

I want to stay away from you
But the strength I have is washing away
So I call and we talk for hours
But what's on my mind I never say

Once you've fallen asleep
And I'm listening to you breathing
Just feeling your presence
And too lost inside my feelings

That's when I whisper in your ear
Every word I want to say
And wish you hear me in your dreams
But forget it the very next day

Pretty streight forward

When we talk
Im smiling
But deep inside
I feel like screaming

When I'm alone
I'm singing
But I really want to
Breakdown crying

When it shows he cares
I am crying
But somewhere inside
Is a happy feeling

When things get serious
I start laughing
Because I am afraid
He might be lying

What's on my mind
I keep telling
But he still thinks
I am confusing!!!