Sunday, 28 November 2010

Almost Lover

What made me think so?
Oh I don't know...
Maybe it was -
the cute texts,
the names he calls,
the sweet things he says,
the way he holds my hand,
the touching of my cheek,
squeezing my flab,
or the way he will hug me
every time I sit on his lap,
the hugs and the kisses,
the way he bit my ear,
dropping and picking me
everyday of the year,
laying his head on my lap,
lifting me off the ground,
for no apparent reason
carrying me around,
the way he will stand
with his hand around my waste,
and more of our moments
that my mind cannot erase,
taking me out to dinner
even though we meet anyway,
texting till we go to sleep
after being with each other all day,
the song that he posted,
and other hints he might have given.
You still think I was wrong
and totally mistaken??
He just loves and cares
as a good friend,
and now that we don't meet
it all comes to an end??
I know you mean well
but just don't tell that again.
Whenever I need him
I'll just kiss the rain!

I cant help but wonder!

If you only knew,
The things I think,
The things I know,
And the things I'm left imagining.....

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Free fall!

You've been way to busy
reading between the lines
That you totally messed up
and lost sight of the sign.

This is why I was scared
to give you my all
Didn't want get up there
just so I could fall.

My only hope is that
you're down there waiting
To catch me before
I start breaking!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

When love happens!

When Love happens - things change. And then you start to wonder how, when, where, why and so on. The thing is, you would never know. Love is a silent mover. It doesn't make a grand entrance. That's how you can tell Lust from Love. Lust always makes a glamorous entrance and you always know when it happens. Love on the other hand is an entirely different story. Unlike in the movies, you usually have no idea when it entered into your life. By the time you realize that Love happened, it's too late to do anything about it. Love has this funny way of controlling your thoughts. And Cupid has a funny sense of humor. He picks out people for you, who you wouldn't have even remotely thought about yourself.

When Love happens you can't think of anyone else but that person. All you want to do is spend every waking moment with that person, how ever impossible this maybe. And it's unimaginable the way you miss that person when he/she is not around. When you are around him/her all your problems seems to disappear and he/she always manages to put a smile on your face no matter what. It is at this point you realize that Love has happened.

So, Love does come silently. But whether or not it comes with out a warning I'm not really sure. I mean once love happens it does take you by surprise. But does that mean there was no sign at all?? Couldn't there have been signs which you misread or completely ignored or never saw at all because you were blind to it?? Either way I guess it doesn't really matter.

Point is when Loves happens, Love happens and it messes you up! =D

Cuz your amazing just the way you are :D

1. You actually listen when I talk.

2. You don't judge me.

3. You laugh at me when I am around and not behind my back.

4. If I ever ask you a question you'll always give your honest opinion, even if it's rude and not what I wanted to hear.

5. I can be myself around you.

6. When ever I am in a bad mood you can tell.

7. You earnestly care. Even though it doesn't show sometimes.

8. You are the best study partner ever!

9. When ever I am upset you make me feel better or foolish. Either way it helps.

10. I can trust you with anything.

11. You're not always nice to me but you're always there for me.

12. You think I'm smart :P

13. You always try and you never give up.

14. When you realised you made a mistake you accept it.

15. You taught me that
* Silence is golden.
* You don't always speak but you always listen.
* And that even if you fail the fact that you tried always counts.

16. You flatter me.

17. You never fail to apologize.

18. You don't ask too many questions.

19. I'm never bored when I'm with you.

20. You are yourself and don't give a shit about what others think.

21. You're not selfish.

22. If I need someone to talk but have nothing to say... You understand and you're always there.

23. No matter how close we are you still respect my personal space.

24. No matter how much we fight or argue, we always come around.

25. You let me annoy you.

26. You make me feel good about myself sometimes.

27. You listen to my problems when you have bigger ones of your own.

28. No matter how bad I treat you, you never compliant.

29. You are never afraid to make a change or try something new.

30. You like my friendship bands.

31. You like my writing.

32. You are an awesome friend.

33. You believe in magic.

34. You never speak about the good you have done.

35. You are never the main actor but you're always the man behind the scenes the main actor can't do with out.

36. You are responsible and handle way too much for you're age.

37. You know how to have plain clean fun even though you don't always stick to it.

38. You appreciate good food and good music.

39. You have an awesome sense of humor.

40. You don't hesitate to speak whats on your mind.

41. You are not exactly a ladies man but yet you come off as a sweet person.

42. You shout when you're in a good mood and keep quiet when you're pissed. Not the other way round.

43. Your vocabulary is horrid yet you dress to impress.

44. I can talk to you for hours, just say some crap or not say anything at all and somehow get the message across. Either way you'll understand.

45. You let me pinch, hit, squeez your cheeks and even shake you when I feel like it.

46. You are really strong. In every sense of the word.

47. You have clearly realised that I am a weird person, living a strange life but yet you love me for who I am.

48. You love to drive slow yet almost always you drive extremely fast.

49. You have a bad temper and yet you are warmhearted.

50. You are modest.