Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A letter to you :)

Dear You,

You are fast asleep at the moment, I mean all sane people in this part of the world are doing the same. So I guess that in itself speaks a lot for me. In that case, this random letter can only make me seem more crazier than you already think I am.

Its 2.00 a.m. and I am not falling asleep. If I didn't know my self better I would have thought there is something wrong with me. Anyway since I am wide awake and I can't seem to keep my mind off you, I thought I'd write you something. My writers block still seems to be in full force so a poem is out of the question. Yes, sadly so. So I guess I'll keep writing random bullshit that keeps coming into my mind.

You! I cant help but think of you. The good thing about it is as long as your in my mind there is a smile on my face. =) I know you have been going through a rough patch these days and it sucks that I can't do anything about it. I know I don't have the ability to shield you from all the trouble life has to offer but I can promise you, you'd never have to face them alone. I might not always have the right words to say but I'll always be there to shut up and listen. Every time you are in a bad mood I might not have a clue how to make you smile but I'll hug you tight and wait till you start feeling better.

I may not be the best person and I don't have the best of things to give you. What I can offer you is pretty simple and I hope it's enough to keep you happy. Here's my love take it, here's my soul use it, here's my heart don't break it, here's my hand hold it and lets make it together for ever!

I love you more than words can ever say but that doesn't stop me from trying to let you know how much I do. This is another one of those attempts of mine. I never exactly succeed but at least I try. You have no idea how glad I am that we are together and how happy it makes me just to be able to call you mine.

How I wish I was with you at the moment just to be able to watch you sleep. It's one of those rare occasions which you look really cute and the slow rhythm of your breathing only makes me want to hug you more. Do you know you talk in your sleep at times? It's pretty funny but also sort of sweet. Sometimes when you fall asleep for your weight my arm gets numb but I am too scared to move just in case I wake you up. I miss those times! Sigh.... I miss you.

I know it seems crazy, how is it possible to miss someone you meet everyday!? But I do. Especially now since I'm not doing anything but thinking of you. I miss that smile of yours. The one that you can't help but return. I miss you so damn much that a part of me is all out to calling you and waking you up just to hear your voice. But luckily for you I am not that selfish. I will have to be happy with just writing. Plus I am only a couple of hours away from waking you up anyway.

The way things are going I might not even go to sleep before it's time for you to wake up. For one thing your day starts way too early and also my sleeping cycle is a bit wonky these days. I think the cricket world cup has a part to play in my sleeping cycle. Matches are so tiring and to add to that it finishes really late. So obviously I get up late and end up being up till early hours of the next day.

Anyway I think I have written long enough to bore you for a lifetime, so I wont go on for too long. Just a half an hour with you has clearly got me missing you way too much. I can't wait to spend the next whole day with you. Just a reminder for both of us - we need to start studying properly soon. I cant wait to get done with examz! Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel good.

Okies. So I hope you are dreaming of me at the moment and that it is something good.
I miss you loads but love you more!
                                                                                                                                                From : Me :)

Inura As I See Him

  • He is a bright, cheerful and bubbly person.
  • He is thoughtful and considerate and likes to have fun.
  • Everybody feels comfortable around him because of his pleasant nature
  • When he walks into a room, people's eyes are likely to be drawn to him because of his charm.

  • He is intelligent, honest and sweet.
  • He is friendly with everybody and doesn't like conflict.
  • Because he is so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to him and like to talk to him.

  • He is mature, reasonable, wise and gives good advice.
  • People tend to ask for his comments on all sorts of different issues.

  • He usually doesn't get too serious with people when they are around.
  • But he is very much aware of what's going on and he makes pretty accurate observations.
  • He is observant and not forgetful.

  • He is focused and knows what he wants.
  • He is careful and not afraid to make decisions on his own.
  • He is street smart.

  • He considers education as being important and likes to learn.
  • He is not a fan of examz but is very practical about it.
  • He has a "prevention is better than cure" attitude when it comes to his studies.
  • He is hardworking.

  • He is very dedicated towards his job.
  • Whatever he does he will give it his best and he expects that from others as well.
  • If he wont be able to give his best then he wont undertake to do it.
  • He is successful and good at what he does.

  • He is head strong and has an amazing will power.
  • He is stubborn and doesn't change his mind quickly.
  • More often than not he refers to his head to resolve issues rather than his heart.

  • He loves to party and go crazy.
  • He prefers to hangout with a few close friends rather than with crowds.
  • He likes to tease people.

  • He can sing.
  • He has an amazingly sexy voice and he knows it.
  • He hates losing his voice and when he does, he gets into a bad mood.

  • He is easy going and loves to have fun.
  • He is really friendly and not moody.
  • He knows to have fun but yet does not get carried away.
  • He is responsible and knows when to draw the line.

  • He is a very independent person and hates being dependent.
  • He is strong and has a great deal of self confidence.
  • He is also very much set in his ways.

  • He values friendship a lot.
  • He is trustworthy, reliable and loyal.
  • He is caring and he will be there for you when ever you need him.

  • He is a true romantic.
  • He is the best boy friend ever.
  • He is gentle and compassionate.
  • He is completely and utterly dedicated to the girl he loves.
  • He is kind and understanding.
  • He can be somewhat childish and cute.

  • He hardly gets jealous of anyone.
  • In the rare instance he does get jealous, you would never know.

  • He is not materialistic.
  • Little joys in life makes him happy and he is easy to please.
  • But he is somewhat spoilt and more often than not he has got what he wanted.

  • He loves to fool around and have a good laugh.
  • He hardly ever compliments anyone.
  • He cares a lot for his loved ones and usually gets affected by how they behave.
  • He doesn't like showing people how he really feels and keeps his feelings/thoughts to himself.

  • He has a really bad temper.
  • He doesn't lose his temper very often but when he does you wouldn't want to be around.
  • He wents out his anger and frustration by either doing a strenuous workout or throwing around and breaking things.
  • He might take irrational decisions when he is angry and will regret it once he calms down but will be too stubborn to admit it.

  • He is adventurous, energetic and loves to do daring things.
  • He likes to relax but he can't be doing nothing for too long.
  • He is used to being busy and gets restless very easily.
  • He can't be indoors for too long and needs to go out often.

  • He doesn't like drama but needs attention.
  • He hates dishonesty and doesn't like to drive.
  • He is a mama's boy.
  • He is a good listener and speaks even better.

  • He is an interesting and amazing person but the best part about him is his girl friend. :) :P