Thursday, 22 December 2011

Its Messed Up

What am I hiding
You ask
Well that depends
From whom

From you?
He doesn't like you.
He doesn't trust me with you.
And because of that
We can't be friends for ever!
I'm going to let you down.
I'm just another person
Who is going to disappoint you.
You trust me against all odds
Only to be betrayed.

From him?
You are a friend
Closer than most
I care a lot
But just a good friend
Nothing less nothing more.
You are a friend not a threat
And I'll hate letting you down
Cutting you out is going to be
Harder than I can handle.

Someday, I know I will
Because I'd rather cut you out
Than be your friend
And lose him.

So tell me
How am I to give you an answer
Without coming across
Like a total Bitch?

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Did you Know

The list of depressing songs
Was almost over
When you decided to call.

Tears filled  my eyes
When I heard your voice
Real sweet and half a sleep and all.

There was a lump in my throat
While I listened to you talking
And saying you had a bad dream.

There is something about you
Which makes me love you
And makes me hold back that scream.

Tears were rolling down
As you were hanging up
I didn't want you to go.

I felt like I'm losing you,
As much as it broke me
It made me love you even more.

Friday, 2 December 2011

How come

It is so easy to forgive
But so hard to forget.
I feel like crying
But I smile instead.
It is so crowded
But I still feel alone.
I long to go out
But nothing's like home.
I love you to bits
But it hurts like hell.
I know we'll make it
But that's not what I tell.
She acts so nice
But its all a pretense.
Everyone seems to like it
When it makes no sense.
I can't wait till its over
But I don't want to move on.
I keep wanting more
When I know that its wrong.
I feel upset
For no reason at all.
I want to do things
But its never my call.
Questions are so many
But answers are none.
If we knew the answers
Life wont be fun.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Who am I kidding?

Your eyes smart 
You have a thundering headache
You have cried your heart out
But nothing has changed.
You know 
Its just a matter of time
Before you wash your face
Wear something nice
And put on that fake smile again.
The thing about being happy
Is to convince yourself
That you are!

Random Mumbling

A pen in the hand feels so much better,
When what you are writing is not an answer to a exam paper.

The words seem to flow with ease,
When you know there is no examiner you have to please.

You dont have to wreck your brain,
You start to feel lighter and stress free again.

Oh how much I missed this,
Writing about random stuff and not on law and justice!