Thursday, 26 January 2012

Silly Me

How is it possible
For me to get hurt
Over something
Which happened
Way before
I was even in the picture??

Friday, 13 January 2012

Twenty Eleven

Yup. Its over. Time flies. Lets look back at the wonderful memories. The ups the downs and everything memorable. :)

January - Spending time at RI, Mahes seeya's funeral, shifting houses, RI ball, Tha's B'day, Anjana's house and clubbing with friends.

February - Spending more time at RI, Staying over at besties, Valentines day dinner, World cup match in Hambanthota and other matches, Graduation and after party.

March - The rest of the world cup matches, Big match and a little bit of studying

April - Besties B'day lunch, besties visit to the orphanage, Nangi's B'day, Avurudu, Passing law college 1st year and starting 2nd year exams and the studying at RI

May - Studying at RI, Exams and Loku Ammi's funeral

June - Still studying and having exams, yet clubbing and watching movies, Bradby at cheers, and celebrating 6 months at Sea spray.

July - 26 km walk, clubbing and chilling with my baby, starting work at JKH

August - My B'day, working at JKH, Watching movies and hanging out with baby.

September - Stopping work at JKH, Passing 2nd year exams, Baby's B'day, Besties surprise visit, staying over at basties.

October - Cut my hair, Studying at a friends house, night study sessions, starting 3rd year exams, Ammi's B'day, Aiya's B'day, Rugger world cup

November - Studying with the tin tin co, exams, Kadheeja was born, Naqueeb turned 2!

December - Learnt accounts, finishing exams, Celebrated 1 year, clubbing with friends, christmas, family dinners, clubbing with cousins, hanging out with friends, GLF vonteering, New Years Eve.

All in all. Time well spent.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Damn It

He is still so cute!
Why couldn't he
Grow up to be
Bad looking.
So that whenever I see him
I'll say to my self
What was I thinking,
Instead of looking at her
And thinking
I'm way better than that!