Monday, 30 April 2012


Coming to think of it
 I guess you're right,
 You are my long time ago
 And he is my happily ever after.
 But I do hope
 That for ever never ends,
 For otherwise
 I'll lose my prince charming
 And my best friend.
 Choices are sacrifices,
 Because inevitably
 We give up something we want
 For something
 That we want even more!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Forever asleep

Words were spoken
Too much was said.
A little of which 
Was really meant.
A lot had happened
More than she could take.
Something need be done
Though a lot was at stake.
Too much had happened
She had to walk away.
But there was no place
She could go stay.
She went home that night
With a made up mind.
Though she knew it was wrong
She told herself it was right.
She hugged her mother
And gave her a kiss.
Played the fool and laughed
With her brother and sis.
She seemed fine and
Noone knew she was in pain.
But she went to sleep that night
Never to wake again.