Thursday, 30 August 2012

No regrets!

Whenever I see you on my news feed,
I remember the things we used to do,
How you treated me,
And the way you made me feel...
And it makes me smile;
Because way back then
For quite awhile;
People thought I was mad
Even I thought I was crazy,
And now I admit
It seems a little hasty!
But I have no regrets...
It was silly and immature,
And I was stupid;
But I had fun and I loved it.
I broke free from the norm,
Went wild for awhile;
I put a lot at risk,
Only to look back and smile :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Friends come in different types!

Parents are friends you never knew you had
Until you had no other friend to turn to
Siblings are friends you cant get rid of
No matter how much you try to

Then you get those goof off friends
Who you meet up with once in awhile
For drinks and a lot of laughter
To reminisce the good old days with smiles

Then you have a closer set of friends
Where more meaningful talks are done
Gossiping, bitching, opinion sharing
And invariably much more fun

There are also those who are closer yet
Who you might not meet at all
But you find a way to keep in touch
And they're sure to catch you if you fall

Then you get that odd friend or two
Why you remain friends you do not know
After all that you have been through
They'rent friends and it does show

Your best friends might be two or three
But they are worth more than the rest
They are not really friends they're family
There's a reason they're called the best

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ironic much?

I always wonder
How come,
The emotions -
hurt, sad and upset
Are easier to depict
and write about
Than happiness,
joy and laughter?

Dont you think

Its funny
how everything is different
but nothing has changed!