Friday, 26 October 2012


26 days since I knew you
And I love you more than I should
If I was to have it my way
I'd keep you forever, I would

Initially I know it will be hard
And your going to miss all of us
Tonight will be the hardest
But don't be scared and try not to fuss

You are with your new family now
They'll love you like we did
You'll have a big garden to play in
And there will be four other kids

Sorry I wasn't there when you left
But I really didn't want to cry
Still you know I hugged and kissed you
And I did say my good bye

I am going to miss you Sunday
More than you'll ever know
All I have are some pictures
And just that one video 

I know you'll look for me tomorrow
And even maybe the next whole week
And you would even scream my name
If only you could speak

Its not going to be easy baby
But you'll be happier later on
And please don't be mad at me
Simply 'cause I'm gone

You are the first pup I ever had
And you'll always have a piece of my heart
And no matter where both of us are
We will never be a part

I love you sunday baby! mmwah!