Wednesday, 18 March 2015

You are like...

You're like the bus back to Colombo
On a Thursday evening
Though it's eight hours long
The whole week I have been feening

You're like strawberry and cream
On a depressing day
No matter what happens
Makes me feel okay

You're like the puppy in Badulla
Who makes me smile
Even though I'm alone and bored
And haven't seen anyone in awhile

You're like the night sky full of stars
Or the beach during sunset
Gives me such a happy feeling
And the most amazing sight yet

You're like Sri Lanka winning a match
Or sami winning her rowing
Makes me so happy and proud
I could feel myself glowing

You're like yuda holding my hand
When I go to sleep at night
Though at times it's annoying
Without it I don't feel all right

You're like the play list on my phone
When I'm alone in bed
Just being there makes me happy
As long as I'm fed

You're like sucking my thumb as a kid
Helps me fall asleep at night
Or the hot milo in the morning
Which makes waking up not a fight

You're like Ammi's arms when I'm upset
Or Tangalle when I was three
Or school once I got a bit bigger ;
There is no place I'd rather be

You're like a hot coffee during rain
Or a warm bed when it's cold
You're like all the things I love
Which cannot be bought or sold


Isn't it funny
That you are the one
To ask if I am
Over my ex
When you're clearly
The one
Hung up over

Monday, 9 March 2015


You know how
Your head hurts
When you cry too much..?

Well that's the thing, 
You should not be
Knowing about it!