Tuesday, 21 July 2015

No Appetite

I'm just hoping
That I at least
Lose some weight!'

I can do with a silver lining right now...

Monday, 13 July 2015


It marks how many years we have been alive and each year it reminds us that we are that much older. Of course we go out and celebrate or stay in doors and sulk; but every year, without fail, no matter how much we don't want to, we end up cutting a cake.

I am not a fan of this tradition and find it very embarrassing. But I have to agree that this makes us realise how our wants have changed through out the years. Because every year just before we blow out those candles we find our selves wishing for something we really want.

When you were 10 you wish for a chess set; or at 12 to finally have your own cricket bat so you wont have to share it with your brother; or at 15 you wish for your own bicycle, which invariably you don't end up getting. Then you get a bit older and start to wish for things that people can't really give you. At 18 you want your crush to like you back; and at 21 you want to ace that final exam. The candles can not really do anything, but that is what you really want, and that will be your birthday wish. As time goes by you start to get more practical. Your jeans are faded and slightly too tight so you wish someone gets you a pair of good jeans; or your phone falls way too many times in one day and you want an otter box to hold it in place.

But then comes those birthdays that you're just about to blow the candle and your mind is blank. Because the one thing you want for your birthday is standing beside you and asking you to make a wish and you can't find something better to wish for!

Birthdays... Yes they tell us how old we are...