Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Dear ex best friend

Hey there,

How are you doing? I know I look fine and everyone thinks I'm doing okay... But I'm not. I'm broken inside.

I feel lost. So so lost. I really need you right now. I need to talk to you and for you to just hear me out. I need you to give me a scolding and ask me to get my shit together.

I want you to show me how good I have it and tell me that I'm being stupid and selfish.

I need to hear all of this and I know I will if we just talk. But I can't call you. This is not an emergency. Or is it? I'm not sure.

Oh how I wish you'd call me. It will save me the trouble from having to explain myself. Who am I kidding, you haven't called me in years!

You didn't even call me last month when I was hospitalised for dengue. I was a bit surprised actually. I really thought you would call me at least then.

Sigh. I miss you sometimes! And right now I really really need you. Hope you're doing better than I am.


1 comment:

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