Thursday, 20 October 2016

Breaking up sucks!

I have broken up before and moved on. This is not new to me. I know what I have to do.

I have to go out there and do things I love. Keep my self occupied and be around my friends and family. I have to get out there and enjoy life again.

But here's the problem. The more I go out there and live, the emptier I feel. The busier my day is the stronger the feeling is to come home and tell you how my day went and to ask how yours was. The more things I do that I love the more I find myself wishing you were with me. The more I go out the more I think of what you would have said and done if you were there. How things would have been that much better if I was doing whatever it is with you.

I can't remember how this worked for me before but it some how only seems to be making the vacuum inside me bigger this time. The more I'm surrounded by people the more I miss you. The more things I do that I love the worse I feel because you're not there with me.

Maybe this is what it really feels like when you break up with "the one"!!!