Wednesday, 29 March 2017

No one told me

Little did I know
That loving someone
Too much, too soon
Could be such a crime

Wednesday, 22 March 2017


I once fell in love with a boy
The most amazing person I know
Certain things about him
I can never let go

Once on our third date
While eating crabs by the sea
He told he'd like to know what's going on in a drug addicts mind
To learn why they do what they do you see

He is the boy who used to throw away
His friends drugs when he was back in uni
Because even back then he disagreed
And didn't like what they were doing

I know you're far from being a drug addict
And you just want to try it out this once
I'm pretty sure that's how they all started
But just couldn't stick to their guns

If the boy I fell in love with knew
I had a friend who was about to try out drugs
He would be disappointed in me
If I didn't try to stop him and let him chug

I wish the boy I fell in love with
Can hear your reasons out
Because I'm pretty sure he can explain things nicer
And somehow talk you out

Look, I know you have your reasons to try it
And you can justify it in many ways
But please have a chat with the boy I fell in love with
And tell me what he says...