Monday, 2 April 2018

Temporary Fix

Sometimes I like you more than I should
More than you'll ever know I would
It sucks that I can't call you mine
But sometimes it all still seems fine
I should hold back that much I know
And try not to let my heart go
Sorry for the hurtful things I say and do
It might not show but I'm hurting too
There are things I really cannot say
But I hope that you'll get me anyway
What are we really doing here
I'll end up broken that's my fear
That's why I tell that this is all for now
Hoping I won't get attached somehow
Sometimes I think that it is too late
And maybe I should pick someone else to date
Don't get me wrong I don't want this to stop
But with time to come this'll just be a flop
Do you think this is just a waste of time
All the wrong words but a perfect rhyme
What am I to you or you to me
Maybe it really doesn't matter you see
At the moment you do make me smile
So what if it's only just for awhile 
How can it feel so right but be so wrong
When I'm singing someone else's song
People always say I think too much
But maybe I just don't think enough
I'm confused I don't know what I want
And I'm sorry for this boring rant
I guess what I'm really trying to voice
Is that it sucks to be your second choice!